Hey writer!

I’m Maayan, I’m a writer and podcaster. I’m obsessed with storytelling, travel and my hair (it can make or break my day!) and my spirit animal is Lorelai Gilmore.  


I’m currently working on my debut novel and hope to get traditionally published (fingers crossed!)


In 2016 I wrote a magic-realism short story "Split" that won a national contest. Two years later I adapted it into a screenplay for a short film by the same name. It's a movie made almost entirely by women:) Chicks Rule!

Split is a story about a young woman trying to juggle work, motherhood and married life in a world where everyone can have replicants of themselves. This raises questions like what is really important to you and what are you willing to put at stake?

I love learning more about writing and share it using my writing resources and my podcast. I hope it helps you in your journey.

I love talking so much, I even got a BA in communication:)

So feel free to reach out!

Happy Writing!