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Let's turn your idea into a story

Story consulting that decodes your story, using

 lessons from famous movies and TV shows

Great writing begins and ends with Story. A good Story reaches from across the page and touches you (appropriately).

When you align all of the Story elements together - your story makes an emotional impact, magic happens, unicorns appear in the sky and suddenly world peace is possible!


"Maayan's understanding of storytelling helped me see my idea as more than just plot points and worldbuilding. Each time we met, I walked away with a better understanding of what gives my story its soul. I can't thank Maayan enough for her support!"
Samantha H.

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"Dear Maayan, thanks for helping me weave the webs for my novel. It was both enriching AND fun! Looking forward to brainstorming with you again"
Shiraz A.

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"Maayan has that rare combination of professionalism and passion. She is extremely savvy in all matters of the Craft of writing: well versed in the literature and the different theories, methods, and techniques out there. All of my stories and writing processes are better thanks to her consult"
Noa K.

The Development route:

  • One hour zoom session

  • I’ll go over your concepts, ideas and mood boards prior to the call

  • We will clarify your story’s themes and main conflicts

  • Call will finish with a Story structure - understanding the main plot points and subplots

  • Works for novel writers and screenwriters

45$ - 1 hour session 

The Plotting Route:

  • 3 one hour sessions (1 week apart)

  • a short process where we will brainstorm your story elements

  • We will flush out plot points scene by scene

  • Last session will end with a full outline to start drafting with

  • Works for novel writers and screenwriters

120$ - 3 session bundle

Email me and let's talk